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Motivating your children to be independent and ready to reach for their dreams in the future.
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It’s hard to believe that in a short while, your child will be heading off to a brand new school. It is a very exciting year for us as we make sure each of these students has been given all the tools necessary to excel.

For these kiddies, we begin to teach them many of the concepts they will encounter in kindergarten so that they are ahead of the game! This will provide them with the confidence and problem-solving skills they need to succeed.

Children will begin learning how to write through letter recognition and formation. They will also begin to develop mathematical skills through the identification of shapes and counting. We will also start building their vocabulary through picture cards. Scientific abilities are accrued through exploration of the five senses, sand activities, etc. We want our children to be multi-faceted, so we also expose them to musical instruments, painting, coloring, and other artistic projects.

If you want to know more about how our Pre-Kindergarten program can help your children, contact us or set an appointment.